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The Best Luxury Vacation Destinations near Barcelona.

The wonders of Barcelona are many, and just on its doorstep are some of the most beautiful luxury vacation destinations in the world. Accessible by yacht, jet, chauffeur service, or any luxury transport you desire, the following list of luxury vacation destinations are reachable in no time.

The Costa Brava has to be mentioned first. The closest point being about an hour from Barcelona, the stunning coastline is dotted with some of the most breathtaking luxury villas, close to towns rich in history and culture.

Welcome to VDB Luxury Properties’ list of Best Luxury Vacation Destinations near Barcelona:


Most famously known for being the home and creative inspiration to one of the most influential artists of the last century, Salvador Dali, Cadaques is a beautiful seaside town with a fascinating history that’s still visible in its urban architecture. Its labyrinth of cobbled streets, bright blue waters and pretty white-painted buildings surrounding its shores, it epitomizes Spanish beauty and culture. It is, in fact, set in one of Spain’s Natural Parks, Cap De Creus, so you can choose to spend your days exploring its wonders outside of the town too. Surrounded by luxurious hill-top villas, it’s a perfect destination to choose for that much-longed-for vacation.


One of the most requested destinations on the Costa Brava, Begur itself is surrounded by the ‘Begur Massif’, a beautiful cluster of hills. The beach is famed for its unique red rock that emerges from the water and is often considered the most beautiful beach in Catalunia.  

In this picturesque beach town, you can choose to stay for a few days or a month. With only 1.5 hours away from Barcelona your Mediterranean vacay will become a dream come true.


Crystalline blue waters, pine trees, and a beautiful promenade to walk down in the evening. Llafranc is delicate and picturesque in its beauty and has all the luxurious activities to go with it. Shop in Llafranc’s beautiful designer boutiques, and in the evening, sit back and enjoy a wonderful haute cuisine dinner. Stay in one of our Beautiful Spanish architecture villas, floored with modernista tiles and boasts views of the Costa Brava. With its own private entrance onto the beach, you’ll never want to leave Llafranc.

Calella de Palafrugell

Known as one of Spain’s prettiest coastal towns, Calella de Palafrugell well earns its place on our list of Most Luxurious Vacation Destinations. It’s a place to enjoy an aperitif of vermouth and some tapas on the beach with the sound of the soft crashing waves. El Gofet Beach is only a short drive away and is one of the most natural and beautiful beaches along the Costa Brava. This beautiful beach of pebble-studded sand and protected by a fort of red rock walls, El Gofet Beach is a natural luxury. 

Stay in a beautiful luxury villa a short distance from the beach, with outstanding sea views. Making for a perfect and unforgettable vacation.


Luxury villas, beach clubs, glamorous ports, designer boutiques…Spain’s cluster of islands, the Islas Balearics’ has all of those things and more. Each with their own charms, they all make for amazing luxury vacations, but if you must choose, these are some of the best qualities of each one…

Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Ibiza is famous for its beauty and the lifestyle that comes with it. You could think of it as having a split personality. It’s an island loved by so many, all for different reasons, and this is what makes Ibiza so special. It offers the best of everything; if you want to spend the day relaxing by an infinity pool, and go for Michelin-starred restaurants for dinners in the evening- you can. If you want to live the exclusive party lifestyle the island has to offer- you can do this too.

VDB has the most luxury villas waiting for you, all with outstanding views of the hills and sea, upon request a chef can prepare for you and your guests an unforgettable meal. With our lifestyle services whatever request you may have can be filled.

Formentera,  Balearic Islands

Only 19 kilometers long and a mere 6 kilometers from Ibiza, Formentera is perhaps the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands. It’s a paradise for bathing in sparkling coves and exploring the islands’ waters on a luxury yacht. It makes for the perfect island for exclusivity and privacy.

Amidst a plantation of Mediterranean trees and aromatic bushes, you’ll find true peace and tranquillity in a beautiful luxury villa. Villa’s in this island have a posh chill-out feel,  all with different views and characteristics. Ideal to spend your next luxury vacation in the midst of a plantation of Mediterannean trees and aromatic bushes.  Formentera exudes tranquillity and comfort, with different views and characteristics throughout the island.


Enter the mini Mallorca, Menorca is the paradise that creates unforgettable vacations. 

Surrounded by serene beauty and boasting the most exclusive villas with infinity pools with views of the sea and high-end restaurants, Menorca is an island you must visit. When you are not relaxing in true luxury, the Megalith, a collection of pre-historic stones are an amazing way to spend an afternoon in Menorca. 

If Menorca sounds like your type of vacation destination, allow yourself to relax meters away from the beach in a luxury rustic villa.

VDB Luxury Properties has a collection of the most exclusive, luxurious Villas. Allow us to book your summer vacation. From finding the best destination to match your needs to book the right luxury villa for you, we are here to give you a stress-free journey, allowing you to enjoy the fun and the beauty around you. 

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