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What the ‘New Normal’ Could Look Like in Barcelona Post Covid-19

If you have a residence in Barcelona or were interested in buying a property here, you might be wondering what the situation is, or will be when things will open up again soon. Equally if you were looking to come for a holiday in Barcelona, you may want to know when the city will open up again, and when it does, what it will be like. 

Times have changed, so have we…

At this moment, we consider ourselves lucky to be a small boutique agency with a dedicated team as it allows us to be flexible and adapt fast to our customers’ needs, especially in extraordinary situations like the one in which we find ourselves in today.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, our business has had to shift and adapt significantly, to match the current situation. We have been prioritizing what is important right now like setting up all the necessary safety measures in the buildings that we manage, as well as taking care of the apartments of our clients, including their tenants who are living here at the moment.

Bottom line, keeping our clients healthy and safe during this period has been our top priority!

These are the accomplishments we are most proud of!

In March, we welcomed two families from abroad into our amazing properties. They had found themselves locked into a city they didn’t know and were understandably worried about the situation.  We helped them find their perfect home, and have been their support network ever since. They are now feeling comfortable in Barcelona and can’t wait to start enjoying the city as it should be!

We certainly don’t have a crystal ball (or one that works at least), but we have been keeping a close eye on the situation, staying up to date with all that has been going on.  A great help has also been staying in touch with our international clients and network, who have given us different perspectives on how they think about property investments or rentals post-COVID, and how they feel when it comes to traveling again.

What we understand so far, is that there will be a shift in the way people will travel, as well as their requirements.

For example, travelers would be seeking health and safety first, more likely looking for private and spacious accommodations in buildings with well equipped communal areas, gyms, and other luxury amenities, where people can feel more at home and in control of their own environment.

A great asset that we offer at VDB, is that 80% of our properties have never been lived in before.

They are all either renovation in historic buildings, or brand new developments, making them extremely attractive to tenants or buyers at this moment in time and. The other 20% of our properties have barely been lived in. For those properties, we are focusing on getting the best professional & certified disinfection services in order to give to people peace-of-mind. Overall we are confident that these standards will be reached across all the properties in our portfolio.

To conclude, Barcelona will be a great city again and we should look forward to that. It is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  the “dolce vita” lifestyle as we say in Italy… the sun, sea, mountains, history, culture… oh and of course the food and the wine!  It is such a winning City, think about the 1992 Olympic games that really put the city on the map,  the epic and soon to be completed Gaudié cathedral, the legendary Barcelona football club,… it will not take long until it bounces back to its former glory and beauty, fun-self.

Whether you are looking for a luxury holiday rental in Spain or looking to invest, please get in touch and we will try to answer any questions you may have. We would love to chat!

For now, stay tuned and get social with us for more information on future updates.

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